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San Cisco

Pop group San Cisco formed in Australia 10 years ago. The group has released three albums and numerous EPs and singles along the way. Three of the four members have contributed keyboards among their other instrumental duties, including lead vocalist/guitarist Jordi Davieson, vocalist/guitarist Josh Biondillo, and bassist Jennifer Aslett. Only drummer Scarlett Stevens stays off the keys, but she provides vocals as well.

Born out of a high school friendship, San Cisco began its life as King George but later changed the name to what they deemed “a blank canvas.” A year after its formation, the group released an EP, Golden Revolver.

After working with a few indie labels, the band decided to release its eponymous debut album with Island City Records. Two more albums followed, including Gracetown (2015) and The Water (2017). Along the way, bassist Aslett left the group, in spite of accumulating awards and accolade. The remaining members continued as a trio. Its latest release is the single,”Skin,” last month.

So Cool (San Cisco Remix)



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