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Singer, rapper, Sa-Roc has been making quite a lot of noise on the music front and as an activist. Assata Perkins better known as Sa-Roc is the second woman to sign to the Rhymesayers record label, a well-known hip hop label. She was born in Southeast Washington D.C., and as a teenager became part of the City of Peace organization. This organization encourages kids to become active in their community through theater.

Sa-Roc grew up in the crack era in Washington D.C. and saw poverty and tragedy. This has influenced her music with her lyrics being socially conscious. Her parents also influenced her, her father was an artist and her mother was an avid reader who had Sa-Roc and her siblings reading books by black writers, musicians, and performers. Sa-Roc's favorite artists who she says helped shape her music and style are, Outkast, Billy Holiday, Bad Brains, Nirvana, and Bjork. In 2002 she met Atlanta-based producer, Sol Messiah and have been collaborating ever since, she released several albums but didn't perform live on stage until 2011. After she attended the Sankofa Institute, a school that nurtured her writing and creative expression. Through her encounters with several civil rights activists, she was able to realize that she can express herself educate,

inspire, and even create change. She is about to release her new album on October 2nd, Sharecropper's Daughter. Check out this inspiring singer/rapper and support independent music.

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