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At first, you may think this is an electronica artist or a manual on robot hands, but no it's a solo project of multi-instrumentalist, Andy Baxter from London, the U.K. who is professionally known as Robohands. He loves mixing jazz and experimenting with different genres. His first album had jazz mixed with krautrock and ambient music. The mix of all those styles together creates some amazing beats and music. He released his debut album, Green in 2018. Listen to the song Lost, love the drumming on this song. Then follow that with the song Dream, I can't stop listening to that album.

In 2019 he released his second album, Dusk, and changed his sound by combining Latin, soul, and funk with experimental music. The album Dusk featured singers and musicians from London and

around the world. He also featured New York horn player, John Clark who has played with the best of the best such as Issac Hayes, Ornette Coleman, and McCoy Tyner. Andy Baxter's (Robo Hands) music is a mix of jazz fusion, Jazz-Funk, and Psychedelic Pop. Listen to the song What the Funk with its 70's style guitar funk sound. He released his album, Shapes last year and this past August released his latest album, Violet. Check out the song Nightshade, its trumpet sound reminds me of the late great Roy Hargrove. The always-recording Robohands just released his new EP, Giallo. Check out this super-talented multi-instrumentalist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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