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Reyna Tropical

This duo from both Cancun and Guerrero, Mexico now based in Portland, caught my attention last year with their infectious beats and sound. The duo consists of singer-songwriter/guitarist, Fabi Reyna, and Dectali Díaz. They first met in 2016 at the RBMA bass camp which is hosted by

the BonarooFestival. They bonded over their love of Latin music and things took off. Their first collaboration was a song called, Revolución which featured the band Happy Colors and under

Dectali Díaz's name, Sumohair. Listen to the song and trust me you won't be able to stop dancing. Their music mixes Afro-beats with a Latin flavor that you can't stop moving to. Reyna Tropical made their self-titled debut in 2018 and things have been busy. Lead singer and songwriter, Fabi

Reyna picked up the guitar by age 9 and started her first band at age 10. When she turned 15 she started playing gigs and by 18 was already playing music festivals. Dectali Diaz or Sumohair has

been the beat master of this duo and he co-founded the collective, Metralleta De Oro along with DJ Fondo and Fuego since 2013. He is also part of the ongoing cumbia dance party, Dinamita, and is very much involved in their local community armed with Afro-diasporic rhythms as a way of

resistance. The duo has also opened for the very popular South American band, Bomba Estereo.

Their latest is the single, Luna, and I cant wait for more from this talented duo. Check out their discography which is being donated to the Museo De Las Culturas Afro Mestizas.

Support indie music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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