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Perfume Genius

Michael Hadreas spent a tortured youth in Iowa, then Seattle as a young gay man finding his way. His path took him first to rehab, where he confronted his demons and met a group of people that would point his way forward. One of those was classically trained musician, Alan Wyffels. After recovery, the two would team up in music and in life, as the nucleus of Perfume Genius.

The group's first album, Learning, was released 2010 on Matador. The debut, along with the next two releases, Put Your Back N 2 It and Too Bright explored a life that lead to addiction and healing. The latest record, No Shape, looks at the present and future.

"Slip Away" was the lead single from No Shape, with a defiant tone about transformation. Pitchfork praised the track, "pulsating with primal power as Hadreas’ innocent croon works through anthemic lines like, 'If you never see them coming/You never have to hide.'" Hadreas' powerful and honest examination of his journey anchored an album centered around songs of love and emotional restoration.

Listen on Spotify or Apple Music.

Slip Away



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