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I first came upon this band on a TV show very late at nite that was featuring them. Their name was strange and I wanted to know more about them. They hail from Detroit, Michigan and their music is a mix

of several music genres, from Funk, Jazz, Soul, and R&B. The band first came together when lead singer, Kortez Buckner and Haruki Hakoyama met in college and soon were creating music together. They recorded several

songs and put them on YouTube and their response was amazing. The duo then realized they needed a band to be able to play out and bring their music to the masses. Music has always been their life but especially to lead singer and keyboardist, Kortez Buckner who says, "Music has gotten me through everything in my life." They describe their music as "Progressive Pop" and their musical influences would be too long to list. Check out this exciting indie band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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