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Nicolas Jaar

Nicolas Jaar is a Chilean-Palestinian-America musician based out of New York City. Early in his career, an encounter with Gadi Mizrahi would change its direction. Mizrahi made some suggestions about how Jaar could develop his experimental sound further, and his work moved into the dance realm thereafter. Jaar later released his song, The Student, on Wolf & Lamb, Mirzahi’s label.

He spent several years exploring the underground dance scene before he was ready to present his debut album, Space Is Only Noise, in 2011. The debut, along with subsequent releases Sirens in 2016 and 2012–2017, released in 2018 under the alias "A.A.L. [Against All Logic]," have all received critical acclaim from the likes of Rolling Stone, Pitchfork, and the Guardian, among others.

Jaar is also the owner and founder of the subscription-based NYC label Other People. He is currently collaborating as part of the Bladerunner project, a musical collective with Jaar on piano/electronics, Will Epstein on saxophone, Dave Harrington on bass/synth, and Tlacael Esparza on drums.

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