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Matt Ridley

Discovering new artists and especially those that are double bass players is always exciting. Listening to jazz double bass player, Matt Ridley's album, The Antidote was mind-blowing. Based in London, U.K he started playing piano by age 6 and in his teens started playing bass guitar. He started playing professionally by age 19. Matt Ridley is a child of the '90s and fell in love with the electric bass just watching Flea of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers he also loves Pearl Jam and Radiohead. He mixes those influences and loves into his jazz compositions.

He studied at Trinity College of Music and got his degree in jazz studies. Since then he has also studied classical music and was awarded the Royal Schools of Music diploma in classical double bass. His musical influences are Ron Carter, Ray Brown, and Dave Holland as well as Christian McBride and Larry Grenadier. He has traveled the world and continues to teach at conservatories of music and in private. He made his debut in 2013 with the album, Thymos which was critically acclaimed by jazz critics. His sophomore effort, Mettā released in 2016 was more soulful in its approach and style. The band's improvisation won 4 stars and was hailed as one of Britain's best contemporary quartets. Just check out tracks like The Labyrinth from the Mettā album with its improvisation and classical touches that are mesmerizing in sound. Also the title track from the album, Thymos with its cool bass intro. This past July he released his latest album, The Antidote to great reviews with its mix of not only jazz but influences of folk, rock, and classical all mixed in. Check out this talented jazz bassist, composer and bandleader and support independent music and musicians worldwide! Happy listening!

Suite, Pt. 1 Guatoma



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