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Lido Pimienta

Lido Pimienta
Lido Pimienta

Colombian-born, Toronto-raised Lido Pimienta is a musician with a mission.

Besides being a singer, Pimienta has also earned a degree in Art Criticism. Her work was featured at the Mercer Gallery in Toronto as part of the "Feministry Is Here" exhibit. With this varied background, it’s little surprise her debut album was entitled Color.

Her music is definitely of the electronica persuasion, yet evidence of her Colombian roots are on full display. Singing in Spanish, she has embraced her ancestry, including the indigenous Wayuu culture, handed down from her mother. Growing up in Colombia amid turmoil, she eventually relocated to Toronto but kept her eyes on the political landscape, using her art to express her views. She staunchly supports musicians of color and strives to dismantle inequality.

Her second album, La Papessa, was released in 2016, after her foray into art and learning more about music production. The record was well-received by a rapturous press, with the Globe hailing it as “record of the year” and Pimiento “the future of Canadian rock and roll.” The highest honor was the award of the 2017 Polaris Music Prize. While such acclaim is a lot to live up to, Pimienta has already demonstrated that she is likely to soar to even greater heights.




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