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Keshi, aka Casey Luong, is a singer-songwriter from Houston, Texas. He first started playing music at age 13 and learned to play guitar. Music took a backseat for a while and he became a registered nurse. It was while working as a nurse that he decided to start shifting gears with his music. In 2017 he took on the moniker of Keshi and began recording demos and experimenting

with different beats. Before long his excitement with a newfound freedom of expression, his music began to take solid shape.

Keshi is also an instrumentalist and vocalist that can take sweet melodies and hip hop beats

to create some smooth R&B with lamenting lyrics and a smooth voice that makes you feel relaxed and laid back. In 2017 his music broke through to millions of listeners. Last year he released a 4 song EP, titled Skeletons. Check out this smooth R&B singer-songwriter and support

independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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