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Jeremy Rose

At first, when I heard the name of his album I thought, is this jazz saxophonist doing a jazz remake of Pete Townshend's song Face the Face? I was intrigued to check it out and I was pleasantly surprised by this album. Jeremy Rose is a saxophonist from Sydney, Australia he only plays the sax but also is a bass clarinetist and piano player. He is like most musicians who started playing in childhood.

His parents introduced him to jazz and world music with their record collection. Jeremy's love for the saxophone came from listening to Miles Davis, Cannon Ball Adderley, and John Coltrane. He started playing piano by age 8 and by age 11 started playing the saxophone. He wanted to be a band leader and since primary school, he has been composing. The love he has for music and composition is one for the books. He is constantly striving for a better understanding of the notes.

He has won several awards and prizes for his playing and composing such as an ARIA award, APRA Professional Development Award for Jazz, and many others. He made his debut in 2016 with the album Iron In the Blood with his Earshift Orchestra. In 2017 he released his sophomore album, Within and Without and I love the title track, the drum rolls are a knockout. Last year he released Face to Face to critical acclaim and he is about to release his latest album on October 14 called Disruption: The Voice of Drums. An album that you must listen to, with amazing orchestration and compositions. He is joined on the album by Steve Barry on piano, bassist Noel Mason and drummer Alex Hirlian. We hope he comes to the States to do some shows and especially here in NYC. Check out this talented sax player, pianist, clarinetist, and composer. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening.

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