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Inner Wave

Inner Wave a 5 piece band from Los Angeles, CA has been making music and causing a stir in the indie music scene. Several members of the band have known each other since middle school and two members left the band but it hasn't stopped them from making music that has great energy. The band first made their debut in 2012 on Bandcamp and it's been a great ride ever since. They started making music from age 13 and since then their music has gone through some changes. In the beginning, they were a Christian Rock band, they have since evolved into a psychedelic rock band. They sing in both English and Spanish and some of their favorite bands are Arctic Monkeys and The Strokes, Nirvana, and The Doors. Inner Wave describes their music as driving music, always listening in the car. They recently released their new EP, WYD, and were set to tour but dates have been canceled due to the coronavirus. Check out this fun band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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