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Hollow Coves

A meeting in 2013 between Matt Carins and Ryan Henderson eventually led to the formation of Hollow Coves. With a shared passion for acoustic music and world travel, the Brisbane, Australia folk duo began recording some initial tracks they self-released. Once they had further developed the songs, they went into the studio with producer Hayden Smith. Their first release, “The Woods,” took off, charting on both Hype Machine and THR’s Top TV Songs, with millions of listens around the world. The EPs Drifting and Wanderlust and “a single, Coastline,” followed in due course, keeping with themes of roaming abroad. Hollow Coves has been described as “indie/fok perfection” (Savage Thrills) and a band “ do not want to be without” (Music Musing & Such). The duo is said to be working on a full-length record, which will likely gain them even more fans, wherever they may roam.




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