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King Margo

Things have changed greatly in both country music and Americana. It's become much more commercial especially since singers like Shania Twain and The Dixie Chicks made these genres popular. When I first heard this duo I was struck by their beautiful harmonies and songwriting. Meet King Margo they are based in Nashville, Tennesee but both originate from two different states. The duo consists of Lucciana Costa who grew up in Ann Arbor, Michigan, and learned to play the slide guitar by age 12. Rachel Coats from Toledo, Ohio grew up in a musical family and by middle school was already playing the stand-up bass. They both started playing the local scenes and Lucciana started playing with folk-pop artists and touring internationally. Rachel stayed in Los Angeles and focused more on songwriting and was able to write for films and commercials. The two musicians met in Nashville where both were on tour for the same artist. After meeting and realizing that they connected musically they went on the road. They recorded their first album Barely Getting By which was crowd-funded and self-released. The album is fun and has great stories of their time on the road. Listen to the song Pickin' off the Pickers with a brief guitar intro

that reminds you of Guns N'Roses, Sweet Child of Mine. They just released their second album, Waters Rise this month with a different and more mature sound. The harmonies on this album are impeccable and I love the single, Floodlights and Sequins. These ladies love the road and traveling so when they come to your town hang out and have a beer with them. They are also big supporters of being kind to our planet. Check out this talented duo and support independent music and muscians. Happy listening!

Dishes Ain't Done - feat. Gabe Lee



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