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Girl Ultra

Girl Ultra whose real name is Mariana de Miguel was born in Mexico City, Mexico. She grew up watching the movies in the golden age of Mexican films. She loved the actresses in those movies and how they dressed, how they moved, and their posture. She says in particular one of the most famous actresses of Spanish films, Silvia Pinal is who she emulates onstage. Her diva attitude and posture derives from those divas. Girl Ultra sings in both English and Spanish and first released her EP in 2017. Both her and her producers mix classic R&B with a more traditional sound of yesteryear. These days in Mexico there is a growing R&B scene which is taking old fashioned R&B and interpreting it with their own style. Girl Ultra is one of those artists and her voice is like butter. She says she chose the name Girl Ultra because she felt this new energy when she was in a disco band in high school. She was already thinking of going solo and needed a name to describe her empowerment. She released her latest EP titled, "Nuevos Aires" last year and has been soaring ever since. Check out this smooth R&B singer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

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