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Singer-songwriter, producer, Demae has been creating quite a stir on Soundcloud with her smooth vocals and style. Demae Chioma Wodu was born in North London, U.K., she cut her teeth in the music biz by being a part of the hip-hop group, Hawk House with their eclectic mix and adventurous sounds. Since then Demae has been putting out her own versions of songs by Minnie Ripperton and Andre 3000 and others. She has caught the attention of singer-songwriter, Jill Scott and others.

Demae's music is a blend of jazz-infused neo-soul although she doesn't like to be put into a box musically. She says she didn't start out wanting to be in the music business but her grandma and mother would play Igbo music in the house. Demae who is part Jamaican and part Nigerian grew up listening to music from both her cultural backgrounds. Igbo music which originated from the indigenous Igbo people of Nigeria is percussive. Their music relies heavily on drums and gong and an instrument called udu. Demae says those sounds influenced her rhythmically but it was her Dad who was a producer who had the most influence. Since then she has been writing, recording, and producing her own music. She just released her solo debut EP, Life Works Out....Usually. Check out this smooth singer-songwriter/producer and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!

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