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Danny Mellin

Indie-rock singer-songwriter, guitarist, Danny Mellin is from Oxfordshire, England and his music is infectious. He started writing songs at a very young and by age 14 had released his first song, Without You. He started playing guitar by age 7 and would you believe started his own band by age 9. His music ranges from acoustic ballads to up-beat rocking tunes. In 2017 he started playing out at open- mic nights and has played at several music festivals around England.

He released his debut album in 2018, Without You, and last year in 2019 he was on stage for the BBC's Whitney Music Festival, LibFest 2019, and did a mini-tour of Scotland and ending it with his debut at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. Danny Mellin had big plans for 2020 with several recorded songs but COVID derailed all tours. But that has not deterred him from writing new material along with his band and a new producer. He did get to finish one of his new songs, See You Around which was released last month around Thanksgiving. Check out this very talented singer-songwriter and guitarist. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

See You Around



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