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Curtis Harding

Our guest blogger today: Kristine England of IndispensableMusic.

Atlanta-based Soul singer Curtis Harding had already finished writing his third album when the pandemic hit. Under lockdown, he decided to revisit his songs: retooling some, scrapping others, and writing brand new tracks. Reflecting the lonely hours in lockdown and the societal tumult in a contentious election year, the result was If Words Were Flowers. The title was inspired by his mother who often told him, “Give me flowers while I’m still here.”

The songs range from intimate to anthemic, ultimately choosing hope over despair. The single, “Hopeful,” is a testament to Harding’s determination to maintain optimism about the future. And he does it with a sound that manages to be both classic and contemporary, incorporating a gospel choir, psychedelic-tinged guitars, full-bodied horns, and tasty percussion to convey his message.

Check out this soulful talented artist and support independent music and musicians.





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