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Cloud Nothings

This Indie band from Cleveland, Ohio really took me back to my college radio days when we would play a new rock band every day. Cloud Nothings is a four-piece rock band consisting of singer-songwriter and founder, Dylan Baldi, drummer Jayson Gerycz, bassist TJ Duke and guitarist, Chris Brown. It all started when founder, Dylan Baldi started recording music in his parent's basement while attending college. It started off as a solo project but he created a fake band name and named it Cloud Nothings.

He later met the underground promoter, Todd Patrick who invited him to play at one of his venues in Brooklyn, NY. He quickly gathered a group of musicians to play the gig in 2009 and realized there was potential. Since then the band has been recording music and Cloud Nothings was signed to Carpak records in 2010. The band's formula on how they record is quite an insane one. They rehearse for a month straight with singer-songwriter, Dylan Baldi writing the lyrics once

while in the studio. He says he writes this way in order to capture the energy of the band. There have been times in between records where they took off from recording and touring for a while. They were feeling burnt out at one point and had to take a break. This happens to many bands out there and some have not survived. These guys love working together and their live shows can go on for over 7 minutes a song. Their energy on stage is infectious and it's why their fans are happy they released another album. This past February they released their seventh studio album, The Shadow I Remember, which reunites them after a decade with producer, Steve Albini at Electrical Audio in Chicago, IL. If you listen to the album its raw sound is sonically something for your ears to experience, they just keep getting better and better. They can go from a lo-fi pop sound to noise rock, punk rock, and beyond. The band is now on tour so be on the lookout for them. Check out this high-energy indie rock band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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