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Chinese Man

French trip-hop group Chinese Man isn’t afraid to play with genres. DJs High Ku and Marseille Zé Mateo along with beatmaster SLY create music that is informed by elements of hip-hop, jazz, reggae, dub, and funk. Le Yan and Leo is Bug often join the trio on projects, and MCs Youthstar and Taiwan perform with the group live.

The group formed in 2004, recording a track that would become the name of the collective, a sample of vocal repeating “Chinese man.” Though the group experienced some controversy surrounding the name, the members insist its an homage to Asian culture.

Chinese Man’s first album was released back in 2005, entitled The Bootleg Sessions. The group has continued stead output since then, releasing its 10th album, Shikantaza, in 2017. The collective has also created its own label, Chinese Man Records.

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