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Cat Clyde

Cat Clyde is a singer-songwriter who offers her own take on country, folk and blues traditions. Growing up in Stratford, Ontario, Clyde spent her childhood wandering the woods and fields of rural areas, and finding inspiration in such places has informed the way she creates music.

In her early childhood, she began studying piano and taught herself to play guitar at age 14. After stints with high school bands, she attended an arts program, graduating in 2015. Then it was time to make a record. Years of absorbing the work of blues greats Robert Johnson and Lightnin’ Hopkins as well as Janis Joplin, she’s created a voice distinctly her own.

Upon release of her debut album, Ivory Castanets, Clyde found herself getting appreciation from the likes of Fader, which dubbed her “A Bluesy Bright Hope.” Canadian Beats raved that Ivory Castenents is“the most exciting singer-songwriter album that I’ve heard in years.” With a recently-released single, “The River,” and scheduled dates throughout Ontario and Quebec, here’s hoping she gets to a studio and gets a new album out in 2019.

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