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Cala Vento

These days there are a lot of independent artists and bands coming out of Europe, in particular England, Spain, and France. This indie-rock band has been making quite a name for themselves on the indie music circuit. The band hails from Barcelona, Spain, and the two friends in the band, Aleix Turon, and Joan Delgado who both share a passion for duos and are minimalist with only a drum set and guitar. They have been making the rounds in their country and put on some sweaty amazing rock shows. The duo has already released 2 albums filled with pop-tinged songs about love and youth. They made their debut in 2016 with their self-titled album and drawing their inspiration from such bands as Dexys Midnight Runners and Prefab Sprout. The band sings in both Spanish and Catalan with great humor and tenderness in their lyrics.

Last April the band released their latest, Balanceo, and were featured artists at last year's SXSW festival to great acclaim. Check out this talented rock band and support indie music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


Solo Sin Cafe



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