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When you first here the name of this artist you might be thinking of the chocolate syrup you grew up with to make chocolate milk. BOSCO, aka Brittany Bosco is a multimedia artist and she just announced that she now has her own record label. Born in Savannah, Georgia, Bosco says she wishes she could have been the person to go to for advice when she was younger, back then to be a multimedia artist and musician was not too appealing to the music industry. Her music is a mix of several different music genres from Jazz, Soul to Blues. She describes her music as a mix of "Gnarls [Barkley] meets a new-age Janice Joplin mothered by Sarah Vaughan." Bosco is classically trained in choral and opera music. She studied fashion design and has a great passion for the visual arts. Now she adds the title of record company owner with her label, Slug Records which is being distributed by Empire. Check out this multi-talented singer/songwriter/visual artist/label owner and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

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