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Bobby oroza

There is a resurgence in 60's Soul music and there are several artists who are recording some great music. Bobby Oroza is one of those exciting new artists to watch. Born in Helsinki, Finland Bobby Oroza was born to a family of musicians. His grandfather would play the guitar and sing Latin songs and Cuban classics. His mother is a singer and his father is a gypsy-style Jazz guitarist. Some of his early influences were the records that his parents would play ranging from Jazz, Blues, Motown hits, and gospel ensembles. Bobby started playing out as a musician in his early teens, he plays guitar and percussion. He traveled to Cuba while still in high school because he felt he needed to experience the Latin rhythm source that he grew up listening to. While there he studied percussion and singing and the training was intense. He returned home to Finland and has been producing, recording, and performing. Oroza has created a cult-like following with his unique type of Soul from Finland to California and beyond. Check out this Indie artist's unique brand of music and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

Your Love is Too Cold



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