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I admit that I am a huge lover of dance music, I guess because I love dancing. I'm always on the hunt for new and exciting dance and electronic music. This artist caught my attention, his name known only as BlackLoud has been on the DJ scene for quite some time. Originally from Turkey and now living in Prague, Czechia he is a rising melodic house and tech music producer. He has been making music since 2015 with several releases on the Wold music label.

He first started as a DJ in Turkey playing at many of the major clubs there. This amazing music producer is a self-taught musician who draws inspiration for his tracks from classical music, post-modern rock, and other music genres. His latest album, Synesthesia was just released one day ago and its concept is derived from a psychological phenomenon known as synesthesia, where a person affected experiences a perceptual difference in their 5 senses. His music definitely has you experience a difference in your 5 senses. Check out this talented music producer/DJ and support independent music worldwide. Happy listening!




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