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Billy Nomates

I'm excited to have discovered this talented singer-songwriter while researching new music. Billy Nomates real name Victoria Ann Maries grew up in Melton Mowbray, Leicestershire, England, and has played and sung in different bands on the music circuit since she was sixteen. She spent a few years in several bands to no avail. Her stage name Billy Nomates happened one night at a show when a drunken man called her by that name, she loved it and it stuck. She decided to go solo and since then has caught the attention of both Iggy Pop and Sleaford Mods. Her music is both social commentary and about self-preservation. She says she was always putting others first and although going solo is scary it's also exhilarating. She says No was a word she had not learned to use. But that's all changed now as she says, "In a world of yes men, I'll be a No woman." There is power in saying no and knowing what you really want. Her music is reminiscent of a Patti Smith or Eleanor Friedberger of the indie rock band, The Fiery Furnaces. In 2018 she took a year off to get herself together and moved from Bristol to the south coast town of Bournemouth. This move proved a lucky charm and since then things have been happening. In 2019 she made her stage debut as Billy Nomates and started playing around the clubs. This lead to her being signed to indie label Invada just as the pandemic hit Europe. In 2020 she released her EP, Ramshackle with the single, No, and she is set to release her new EP, Emergency Telephone on March 5th on Invada records. Check out this amazing talent and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!





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