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Bellah from Enfield, U.K. has the type of music and sound that you just can't sit down and listen to. Listening to her latest single, Evil Eye I couldn't stop dancing. Bellah's Nigerian roots bring her Afro influence in her music and she wants people to know that it's not just the U.S. that has great R&B music. Growing up she listened to Michael Jackson and the smooth R&B of singers like Brandy, Lauryn Hill, and Destiny's Child. These influences helped shape her music into a melodic conversational style that has won many fans over. She grew up in musical theater and this started her love for both art and music. She started writing songs while in school and wrote her first song at age 17. Her first single released in 2019 from her debut EP, Last Train Home, Never Loved was about a relationship that was over without the closure she needed. Since her debut, she has written for such artists as Lauren Murray, Liv Dawson, and Conducta as well as being a featured vocalist on several songs. Her high-pitched vibrato is soothing and silky and this talented singer-songwriter just released her latest EP this past January, The Art Of Conversation, and her new single, Evil Eye. This emerging superstar is taking the U.K. R&B world by storm and soon the world. Check out this great talent and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!


Evil Eye



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