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London-based R&B singer Bassette took a rather modest path to her art. It wasn’t until she heard a recording of herself from a friend’s karaoke machine that she realized she had a voice worth sharing. Singing in the school choir, she honed her craft and had performed for the first time at the age of 17. Thought at first gripped by stage fright, her audience helped her through, and she debuted one of her own songs at the show.

Spending part of her childhood in Bermuda, she moved with her family to Scotland, then eventually Sheffield. In 2016 she collaborated with Joe Hertz on “Playing For You,” and that track brought a great deal of recognition, with six million Spotify listens and a new crop of fans and critical praise. The 405 hailed the track as a “smooth, sultry, melodic R&B cut that could easily soundtrack those lazy Sunday afternoons as well as those hazy morning bus rides home from the club. Seriously, this is special.”

In 2017 she released three singles of her own and worked with Hertz again on “Bermuda.” Currently working on an EP, Bassette is an emerging star we’re sure to hear more about in the days to come.




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