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Animal Collective

Discovering new music and artists is always exciting and this band caught my attention. Animal Collective from Baltimore, Maryland has an eclectic mix of psychedelia with pop and experimental. The sounds are rhythmic and at times 60's sounding and I love it. The band consists of keyboardist, Avey Tere(David Portner), guitarist, Panda Bear ( Noah Lenox), pianist, Geologist(Brian Weitz, and guitarist, Deakin(Josh Dibb).

The band got together in 2003 and met in school and have been collaborating ever since. They love experimenting in the studio with different sounds from varying harmonies, instrumentation and incorporating different music genres. They love mixing psychedelia, ambient sounds, folk, and noise rock. Animal Collective have been growing their following and sell-out shows like this past year for the Pitchfork Music Festival. Each member of the band brings their own taste in music to create some unique and colorful sounds that you can groove to. Some of my favorite tracks are

the songs, Summertime Clothes off their smash hit album, Merriweather Post Pavilion, with its ambient keyboards and vocals that are folk music inspired. Their song, Bluish is a lot more psychedelic in sound as well as experimental. This band has been around for almost twenty years and continues to release experimental pop in all its glory. Animal Collective will release their new

album, Time Skiffs next year on February 4th and already fans are going crazy for the record. Check out their single, Car Keys from the upcoming album, its vibraphone sounds remind me of jazz vibraphonist, Gary Burton. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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