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Alxdr London

A mysterious man whose face is often shrouded by his big, straw hat, Alxndr London creates an experimental electronic sound that accompanies his reflective lyrics. Incorporating other influences in his music, he strives to remain true to himself. His songs describe his personal experiences, memories and poetry.

He began writing songs in 2015, and he’s already made a name for himself with his debut EP, A Long Time Ago, which the Observer touted as a record which, “blurs the lines of identity with genre-bending future soul.” Two more EPs have followed, including 2017’s Today and 2023, released in 2018. Of the later, Clash raved, “High, keening, and transformative, the space afforded Alxndr London by the arrangement allows him to travel into Afro-Futurist realms.” His track “Jury Judge Executioner” was also featured on Brownswood Bubblers 13.




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