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Alaina Castillo

If you are a lover of music and love discovering new music and artists then your like me. The first time I heard this singer I was enthralled. Alaina Castillo is only 19 years old and loves singing lullabies. She gained popularity singing cover songs on YouTube. She was born in Houston, TX and she says her father who is Mexican and his family spoke Spanish in the house but never had the opportunity to teach her and her siblings. She learned Spanish in school and on her own, says it's a big part of her identity. Alaina Castillo sings in both English and Spanish. She released her first EP in October of last year, titled, Anti Social Butterfly, and on April 24th released her second EP, titled, The Voicenotes to great acclaim. Check out this singer-songwriter and support independent music locally, nationally, and worldwide. Happy listening!

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