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Ada Lea

Heartbreak can often be an impetus for creativity.  After a romantic relationship came to an end, Montreal singer Ada Lea spent 180 days documenting her feelings in a journal. That daily regimen of introspection eventually morphed from prose to lyrics, resulting in her debut album what we say in private, released last month. Pitchfork raves, “an innovative brand of indie rock that’s both fiery and introspective.”

Like so many musicians, she began her musical journey in high school, playing bass in the school jazz band. Self-taught, she continued on the instrument but also picked up some piano and guitar along the way. She found that stories from her journal translated into songs well, and she began writing with a group of like-minded people. 

A three-year stint studying in New York made her realize that jazz was not her true calling, and upon returning to Montreal, she began to focus her talents on rock and pop songs instead. Also a painter and visual artist, we’re likely to be hearing a lot more from this young talent.

Wild Heart



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