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Aaron Taylor

London based singer-songwriter, Aaron Taylor is one to watch mixing R&B and Soul with a smooth delivery. He is of Antiguan and Ghanaian heritage and grew up singing gospel music in church. He learned to play music and sing by ear and in his early days found studying music theory a bit strange. He began studying classical music first and later moved onto studying popular music. He thought that as a musician some things are innate as opposed to skills one learns and acquires. Aaron Taylor decided to learn all he could about different styles of music but knew that in some instances they require formal music education and training. He plays both piano and guitar but says the piano is where he writes his songs.

In the past year, his focus has been on producing his own music and he is starting to get noticed. One of his songs, Lesson Learnt was featured in an Apple Watch commercial. The advice he received was to follow your heart and that is what he is doing. His new album, Icarus will be released this September. Check out this talented singer-songwriter and producer. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening.

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