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This hip-hop singer/rapper caught my attention last year with her song, Peng Black Girls which was remixed to include singer, Jorga Smith. Born and raised in Thamesmead, London, England to Nigerian parents this talented singer-songwriter started rapping in school. Her friends nicknamed her Missy Elliot because she wore a big red Addidas jacket and would rap.

Enny, real name Enitan Adepitan knew what she wanted to be from an early age. Her life changed last year while working at a bank she realized that wasn't for her and decided to pursue her music.

She first released the song, He's Not Into You that got some attention but she never imagined her second single, Peng Black Girls would coincide with the Black Lives Matter movement and she is proud of how things turned out. Her idea was to release the song as a celebration of friends, family, and community but the response was overwhelming. Enny actually thought about quitting her pursuit in music because she thought no one would buy music from a dark-skinned wrong she was. That single with its backdrop of beautiful black women was one of empowerment for many that heard it. I know it was for me and her rap on it was transformative. She says that she wants to know that her music is connecting with her audience...Enny it is! She just released her latest single, I Want and she is working on an album. We look forward to hearing more from this talented singer-songwriter/rapper soon. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

I Want



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