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Vincent Fenton AKA French Kiwi Juice AKA FKJ is a French multi-instrumentalist and singer who is making a splash on the country’s electronic music scene. His eponymous debut was released in 2017.

A native of Tours but now firmly ensconced in the Parisian house music scene, FKJ originally studied sound engineering. Not content to merely mix the music of others, he taught himself several instruments, including the synthesizer, piano, guitar, bass, and saxophone. No idle hands here.

His friend Jean Janin, a.k.a. Cézaire started the house record label Roche Musique, which released FJK’s first recording, an EP titled The Twins, in 2012. The single “Lying Together” and another EP, Time For A Change, followed, gaining attention across online media.

Getting in the groove with loops, funky bass, hip-hop rhythms, and inventive synth sounds, FJK doesn’t just thrive in the studio. His live shows are eagerly attended and praised, with The Badger Herald proclaiming, “FKJ amazes Majestic audience with intoxicating saxophone solos, downtempo electronic sound.”

French Kiwi Juice received substantial acclaim from critics. Acid Stag predicts, “If this debut is anything to go by, FKJ is one to watch, and it will be interesting to see where the future leads this talented producer.” Unsung Sundays raves, “It’s pretty rare for a musician to release a mature, promising debut that serves more than just the genre’s core fans. But with his self-titled debut, Parisian native French Kiwi Juice might do just that.”

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