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Unknown Mortal Orchestra


by Rosie G.

February 14, 2023

This psychedelic rock band from New Zealand made quite a splash back in 2010. The band consists of singer-songwriter, guitarist Ruban Nielson, bassist Jake Portrait and Cody Nielson on drums. They have since moved to Portland, Oregon, and throughout the years have received critical acclaim. Things took off when Ruban Nielson recorded some songs at his house and posted them to Bandcamp soon after getting a band together and recording their first album.

In 2011 they released their debut self-titled album on Fat Possum records. Originally Ruban Nielson was an art student who wasn’t very happy with the music scene but his move to Portland, Oregon after visiting his uncle proved a great choice because he started writing and recording music again. The band’s fans and followers are so glad they did. They followed their debut with a sophomore album II in 2013 and if you pay attention to the lyrics you will find the songwriter was in quite a mental state. Things changed after their third album, Multi-Love, and their sound I can describe as psychedelic funk. They have released several albums since then and are set to release their new double album, V on March 17th. They are touring the U.S. and U.K. this year. Check out this funky talented band and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!


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