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by Rosie G.

March 19, 2024

Paper Wings is a duo out of Nashville, Tennessee. The duo consists of singer-songwriters Emily Mann and Wilhelmina Frankzerda( Wila Frank) who have been making music for years. Their harmonies are so perfect you can’t tell their voices apart when singing. They are multi-instrumentalists who create these beautiful songs that make you feel like sitting by a lake enjoying the sights and sounds.

The folk singing duo playing both acoustic guitar and banjo made their self-titled debut in 2017. They followed it up two years later with the album Clementine, still one of my favorites. Listen to the song “Sister” with its great lyrics and harmonies. They just released their new single “Mad Thing” from their new album World Spin. If you love folk music then you will be happy to know Paper Wings will be playing at The Owl here in Brooklyn, NY on March 31st and are now on tour. Support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Mad Thing"

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