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by Rosie G.

April 14, 2024

Singer-songwriter King Sis started singing and dancing at the age of 7. It all started at her grandfather’s church and growing up in a musical family sealed her fate. She learned to play the piano by age 8 and was destined to be in the music and entertainment business.

Years later she auditioned for Showtime at the Apollo and decided she loved performing. She sang theme music for radio shows, special events, and more. She moved to Los Angeles and has been the backing vocalist for singer-songwriter Kelela. Great things are happening for King Sis, she made her debut in 2021 with her album Ascension, and love the song “Yeah You (Thinkin' Bout You)” She just released her new single, “Solid Ground” and a new album will soon be released. Support indie music and musicians. Happy listening!

"Solid Ground"

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