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by Rosie G.

January 24, 2023

Every so often a singer captures my attention either because of the beat, a bass line, or their vocals. Thai singer-songwriter Flower.far definitely captured my attention with her new single. She is still attending university in her native Thailand and for someone that is just out of her teens has produced her own song. The music is soulful pop and talks about relationships in particular how a person is unsure when they first meet someone.

She has been a trainee with her label, Yupp Entertainment since last year. She admits there was pressure to write songs but she’s done a great job so far. No pun intended. She has an incredible range and has the voice of someone way older than her twenty years. She just released her new single, Walk Away, and looking forward to her album later this year. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Walk Away"

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