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Decartes a Kant


by Rosie G.

August 22, 2023

When I first heard this band’s song I was blown away. How refreshing to hear some great Indie punk music. Meet Descartes a Kant from Guadalajara, Mexico who is getting people’s attention with their straight-ahead punk attitude.

The band members are Sandrushka Petrova on guitar/vocals and Daphne Macias, Christy(Ana Christina Mo) on guitar, Mo(Memo Ibarra) on bass/synths, and Jorge Chavez on drums. The band formed in 2001 with the rest of the members joining in 2010. If you're wondering what their band name means it’s” seeing genres like ideas, they all come together in this unique, alien, punk music that includes lots and lots of musical forms.” The names of philosophers Rene Descartes and Immanuel Kant were an influence and took both their names and put it together. Their influences include Sonic Youth, Pixies, and more. They made their debut in 2007 with the album Paper Dolls and followed it up in 2012 with the album Il Visore Lunatique. In 2017 they made their American debut with the album, Victims of Love Propaganda which I love. Check out “Motion Picture Dream Boy” with its great guitar riffs.

They are set to release their new album After Destruction on September 29th and will be on tour. If you love punk music with loud chaotic experimentation then Descartes a Kant are what you're looking for. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"After Destruction"

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