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by Rosie G.

March 19, 2024

English rock band Creeper has made a name for themselves since they formed in 2014. The band comprises lead singer Will Gould, guitarists Ian Miles and Oliver Burdett, bassist Sean Scott, drummer Dan Bratton, and keyboardist Hannah Greenwood. They released their self-titled debut independently and have not stopped since

The band got together after several members were part of punk rock and post-hardcore bands. Their sound is more goth-punk and they have played with legendary rock band The Misfits and Moose Blood. The band played all the music festivals and made a name for themselves then announced their last show in 2018 but have come back with a vengeance. They released their album Sanguivore last October, produced by Tom Dalgety (The Cult, Killing Joke & others). They are now on tour and will play in NYC on May 15th at the Palladium Times Square. Yes, they named themselves for the Stephen King book of the same name. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Lovers Led Astray"

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