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by Rosie G.

April 9, 2024

French singer-songwriter/producer, Arnaud Bernard known as Blowsom has released 2 EPs and just released his new single. He has over 14 million streams and is catching the attention of the music industry.

The music is indie electronic pop and it’s so catchy that I have added it to my playlist. He moved to the U.K. because he grew up listening to British artists that his dad would play. He spent 3 years in the city of Brighton studying music and then returned to his native France. He decided to start his record label after being discouraged by record companies. Since then he has been releasing his music and has been gaining fans around the world. He just released his new single, “Throw It Away” from his album Ok Romance. Listen to the songs, “Hope You’ll Find Out.” and “Pictures of You.” Check out this talented singer-songwriter/producer and support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

"Throw It Away"

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