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Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet

Jazz music comes in many forms and Latin Jazz is one of the most popular forms of Jazz. Today in recognition of Puerto Rican day we feature Indie Jazz group, Wayne Wallace Latin Jazz Quintet. The group originates from the San Francisco Bay area and between all the musicians have over 15 years of experience playing together, touring and recording. The five time Grammy nominee, Wayne Wallace who is both the trombone player and producer of the group and is one of the most respected exponents in African American-Latin music in the world. The group is known to mix traditional styles in combination with contemporary music. Wayne Wallace studied Afro-Latin music and Jazz and has traveled many times to Cuba, Puerto Rico and to New York. He has run lectures, workshops and clinics on Jazz. The band releases their music on Wayne Wallace's own record label, Patois Records. Check out this amazing Latin Jazz group and support independent music and musicians locally, nationally and worldwide. Happy listening!

Vamanos Pa'l Monte



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