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Ulf Wakenius

Happy New Year and a new year of featured indie jazz artists. I first came upon this jazz guitarist when I heard his cover of the Beatles song, Eleanor Rigby. I thought it was a very different interpretation from others I've heard, so I had to check out more. Ulf Wakenius is a Swedish jazz guitarist from the city of Halmstad but raised in Gothenburg. He started playing guitar from a young age and is self-taught. He later studied music at the Gothenburg Conservatoire. He was first interested in contemporary blues but later changed to jazz music. When he was a teenager he was already known as a session musician and the ball started rolling from there.

Since his teens, he has gone on to form several bands along the way and has played with and recorded with such jazz legends as Joe Henderson, Herbie Hancock, Art Farmer, and others. He also led the Stellar Quintet that featured Michael Brecker, and Ray Brown. In 1997 he joined the legendary Oscar Peterson and was a part of his group until 2007. Ulf Wakenius has recorded several albums both with his own quintet and with others and is Grammy-nominated. He has toured the world and has played in many of the jazz festivals around the world. He is best known for interpreting famous melodies. He just released his latest album, Taste of Honey in August and we hope that live music comes back this year to check out this amazing jazz guitarist in person. Support independent music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!

Taste of Honey



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