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Tyshawn & King Britt

When you put together a DJ/producer and a drummer ....well you're going to get some mighty interesting beats and sounds. Jazz drummer, Tyshawn Sorey & DJ/producer, King Britt have just released an album that encompasses the avant-garde jazz drumming style with the eclectic beats and grooves of the DJ.

King Britt from Philadelphia you may have heard of and if not you definitely know his former band, Digable Planets. The band had the hit song, Rebirth of Slick(Cool Like That) which took the music world by storm with its smooth jazz rhythms and hip-hop raps. He started his music career while working at Tower Records as a buyer of singles/imports. He was highly in demand at his company for his extensive knowledge of dance music. He ventured onto the turntables and had his first residency at a club called, Silk City. Since then he has established a Back2Basics approach with live musicians and him spinning records. He has gone under pseudonyms such as Sylk130 and Fhloston Paradigm. He released his first neo-soul album in 1996 titled When The Funk Hits the Fan and has worked with such artists as Alison Moyet, Kathy Sledge, De La Soul, and others. His music is a mix of electronic, trip-hop, and broken beat

with a jazz groove.

Multi-instrumentalist/composer, Tyshawn Sorey from Newark, New Jersey is well-known in jazz circles for his amazing virtuosity on drums and mixing composition and improvisation with ease. This artist can truly mix music genres effortlessly from avant-garde, classical, and experimental beats. He has performed with such artists as Vijay Iver, Steve Coleman, Anthony Braxton, and others. In 2007 he made his debut as leader of his own band with the album, That/Not which was a 2 CD set. In 2009 his second release, Koan won critical acclaim from The Village Voice, All About Jazz, and NPR's Top Ten Jazz records. This musical shapeshifter does not like music categories he prefers things to just be and let things flow without naming it this or that. Last year he joined the staff at the University of Philadelphia as Presidential Assistant Professor of Music. Tyshawn Sorey is in constant music elevation and this collaboration with King Britt keeps things moving to greater musical landscapes. Check out these 2 super-talented and innovative musical talents and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening.

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