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Reign of Kindo


Buffalo’s own Reign of Kindo (a.k.a. Kindo) is now headquartered in New York City. Kindo formed in 2006 and has released its work independently, with the help of the subscription service Patreon.The band’s supporters are rewarded with new tracks each month.

The core of the group consists of the original five members with new additions joining over the years. Joseph Secchiaroli (vocals & guitar), Kelly Sciandra (piano & trumpet), Michael Carroll (guitar & percussion), Jeffrey Jarvis (bass), and Steven Padin (drums & vocals) over the years have added Danny Pizarro (piano), Darren Escar (saxophone), Geraldo Castillo (percussion & vocals) and John Baab (guitar). With a line-up such as this, it’s obvious this is not an ordinary rock band. Jazz is an essential ingredient to Kindo’s aesthetic, and the result is something the band has described as “Piano-Driven Alt-Jazz with rock riffs, pop vocals with Latin and R&B music influence.” In other words, it’s music outside the bounds of easy categorization. And that’s just fine with them.

Releasing its eponymous debut EP in 2007, the group has gone on to release several full-length albums, the latest being Happy However After, which hit in 2018. An enthusiastic review from The Prog Report sums it up well, “Happy However After is...a journey. And it is also one of the more enjoyable albums you will hear this year.”

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