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Noah Young

This talented bass player is a founding member of the jazz/funk group, Naughty Professor. A band that has released 3 albums and formed in 2010. He originates from Vermont and at the age of 12 started playing bass guitar. At 19 he decided to move to New Orleans and there he truly established himself in playing with the best. He studied jazz formally at both the University of New Orleans and Loyola University. He has studied with many legends of jazz and for the past several years has been studying with jazz bassist, Chris Severin who Noah Young says is his biggest influence.

Noah Young has stayed busy recording, composing as well as touring. Except of course during this past year which gave him more time to compose new songs. He has played and recorded with the best from New Orleans like Ivan Neville, David Shaw, George Porter Jr, and more. He still plays with his band Naughty Professor but has also been playing with Neo-Soul singer, Mykia Jovan and with two other bands, Cool Nasty and Raw Deal. His music is a mix of funk, jazz, and fusion, last month he released his latest single, Absolutions with his own band, Noah Young Band. The EP Absolutions was released earlier this month and there is more to come from this super-talented bass player and composer. Check out this contemporary groove guitarist and support independent music and musicians. Happy listening!




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