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New Music Monday: King Buffalo

King Buffalo is a heavy psych band headquartered in Rochester, NY comprised of Sean McVay on guitar and vocals, Dan Reynolds on bass, and Scott Donaldson on drums.

Heavy psych is precisely the correct descriptor as this trio plays rhythmically dynamic, guitar-laden jams in the best acid rock tradition. Hypnotic and soaring, the guitars are layered and loud. On the heels of its two 2021 releases, The Burden of Restlessness and Acheron, Regenerator is the last of the group’s “pandemic trilogy.”

Distorted Sound raves, “There is an unbridled joy in the soundscapes that King Buffalo have crafted on this album, majestically embracing positivity and seeing the beauty still left in the world despite the gloom, uncertainty and melancholy.” Considering the number of times I’ve listened to the album in the three days since I downloaded it, I have to agree. It’s simply glorious and somehow gets better with each subsequent listen.


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