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New Music Monday: Kanadia

This four-piece alt-rock band from Oxford, UK has earned some comparisons to the city's most famous band, and while you can hear the influence of Radiohead, Kanadia has its own compelling sound and strong vocals and songwriting. What more can one wish in an era of painful conformity in the music world?

The group’s latest release, Distant Life, is a four-track EP offering up haunting songs like this featured track. The song is a powerhouse -- starting out slow and building throughout, full of emotion and regret. The other tracks are equally gripping, which must be incredible when played live. As Right Chord Music raves, “Distant Life is a soulful compilation of songs, addictively poignant and captivating from beginning to end.” Here’s hoping they make it across the pond for some gigs.

Kanadia is James Bettis (guitar/vocals), Melissa Marshall (synths/keys) and Jack Ashworth (Bass), and Tim Lucas (drums).

“Wish Away My Time”

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