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Mouse on the Keys

Throughout the years there have been many Jazz bands and artists from Japan. In Japan, they both love Hip-Hop music and its culture and Jazz music. This trio from Tokyo is no exception. The band got together in 2006 with drummer/composer/keyboardist, Akira Kawasaki, and keyboardist Atsushi Kiyota who were former members of Indie rock band, Nine Days Wonder. Their music is not just about beats and rhythms but also cerebral and influenced by both philosophy and art. They chose their band name from the ragtime composer, Zez Confrey and his song, "Kittens On The Keys." The members of the band wanted to mix both the intensity and aggression of hardcore punk music along with artistic piano jazz inspired compositions. This combination with elements of rock and jazz creates a very interesting and rhythmic sound. Mouse on the Keys released their 1st album in 2007, Sezsession and have several albums to their credit.

The band was originally just a duo but have added keyboardist, Daisuke Niitome. The band released their latest album, Arche and it's a force to be reckoned with. They hope to tour some time next year in the mean time check out this very talented trio. Support indie music and musicians worldwide. Happy listening!




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